The College has well equipped and furnished Library. It has all the facilities such as Computerised sources, Internet, Wi-Fi technology, AIR web world which creates a good reading environment to the Students and staff members.
Our collection includes some important books such as Histroy of Dharmashastra, Karl Marx Capital, Constituent Assembly Debates published by Lokasabha Secrateriat.


• Books - 4,300
• Journals/Reports - 10
• Foreign Reports - 02
• Compact Disc [CD] - 80


• AIR Web World
• Reference Service
• Current awareness service
• Circulation
• CD/DVD access
• Access to web resources
• AIR database on CD
• Wi-Fi
• Literature search service,
• News paper clippings


MONDAY TO SATURDAY: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm



Policies of the library will apply to all the library patrons: Teaching and non teaching faculty, students and visitors. Library authorities can withdraw the library services to a particular user on violation of Library Policies or misconduct by the user.

1. Student Identity card is compulsory to avail the services of the library.

2. Users are requested to avoid conversation and discussion that will disturb other readers.

3. Users should not disturb the arrangement of furniture.

4. Use of Cell Phone is strictly prohibited in the library.

5. Library users are requested to not to reshuffle the materials

6. Books and Bound Volumes should be handled with care.

7. If Defects found in the Books should be brought to the notice of the library personnel.

8. Pages of the Books and Bound Volumes should not be folded to serve as book Marks.

9. Disfiguring and marking the pages of library books with ink or pencil is prohibited.